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We are moving.

Though KINOWORDS has been happily registered with the edublogs network since the early days of 2004, there have of late been a few bumps in the road.

Time, then, to shift. Readers and students are now encouraged to join us across the road at http://kinowords.wordpress.com/ where normal service is resumed…

“Besides his excellent teaching record, Dr. Taylor is a prolific researcher and superbly productive writer. He seems to have a knack for identifying new developments in film, media and their studies.  Dr. Taylor appears to be there rare case of a scholar who is equally strong in teaching as well as academic research…“. Professor, Winfried Fluck, John F. Kennedy Institute, January 2008, Berlin.


Theory Into Practice

ball-pic.jpgI have focused my teaching on film & media since graduating from both the London Film School and then the Department of Educational Studies at Oxford University/Balliol.

A later MA in Media Education from the Institute of Education, The University of London has more recently provided the research basis for my 2007 book publication, “Jacobean Visions…” (2007, pp. 201).


For collaborations, contact: a.taylor@balliol.oxon.org


see: http://kinowords.wordpress.com